How Charity Leaf Areca Palm Leaf Tableware Is Made

Step 1: Gather And Sterilize Leaves

We start by collecting fallen leaves from Areca plantations. No trees are ever harmed to make our tableware. Only spring water used at high pressure is used to clean leaves. No chemicals are ever used.

Step 2: Heat Press From Leaf To Plate

The leaf undergoes very high temperature, resulting in elegant dinnerware which are hygienic and suitable for serving food. It is then placed under UV light for further sterilization

Step 3: Inspection and Sterilization

Every plate is inspected by hand by our dedicated team. Any plates that don't meet our rigorous standards are kept aside.

Step 4: Pack and Ready To Ship

Lastly, our tableware is carefully packed and ready to be sent all over the world to all of our wonderful customers.

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