How to Make an Exceptional Easter Charcuterie Board

How to Make an Exceptional Easter Charcuterie Board

How to Make an Exceptional Easter Charcuterie Board


Nothing binds a family together like a lavish spread of excellent meals. It's even better when the food is presented in the form of a charcuterie board.

While typical charcuterie boards only feature meats, cheeses and other goodies, there’s an alternative board you can definitely try: an Easter charcuterie board.

How to Make a Charcuterie Board for Easter?🐣 

Consider the traditional Easter treats that you can connect with the holiday.

You're probably picturing soft pastel hues with bunnies, chicks, and eggs as far as the eye can cover. Bright Peeps, bunny biscuits, chocolate eggs, and pastel M&M's may all be blended in. 


You may also make a board that combines sweet and savoury flavours to balance out all of the sweetness. Because, well, why not?

There’s no wrong or right way to make a charcuterie, as long as it has cured meats and cheese. 

Planning an Easter party, but have no idea what to serve? No worries! 


Ingredients to make an Easter Appetizer Board

  1. Carrot sticks, english cucumbers and bell peppers
  2. Salami slices and cured meats
  3. Boursin cheese
  4. Pepper jack or cheddar cheese slices
  5. Blackberries, fresh pineapple and kiwi
  6. Pepperoncinis
  7. Olives, olive tapenade or even bruschetta
  8. M&Ms 
  9. Brownie bites

Does a Charcuterie Board Have to Be Plastic or Wooden?

Definitely NOT

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