Holiday Charcuterie Boards in 2021

New year charcuterie board
When you think of preparing for a perfect holiday meal, all you can think of is cheese, meat, crackers and some cozy wine. Who knew a charcuterie board would be a go-to holiday meal from now onwards. Who said charcuterie boards are all about meat and cheese, it’s more than that especially on holidays! 
During holidays, our 22” palm leaf boards and round boards were the highest selling platters that were embedded with some exotic food and out of the box creativity. This Christmas and New years our social media page was brimming with some astonishing yet delicious platters.
Here are a few of the very popular boards:

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 Instagram: @kflye

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Intsagram: millvalley_boards
Want to create such boards? Here’s a tip to create these pretty boards! 
Unlike traditional boards, the modern charcuterie boards can be decked up with authentic fusions that your customers like. From all veggies to all sweet (chocolate/candy) boards, these new boards are the new classics. 
One of the most festive things you can do is to create and inculcate accessories that resonate with the festivities! First thing that you can do is to have a Christmas tree shaped board to make it cute and delicious. To make it more Christmas-y, add in some red, like a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds or some sliced strawberries here and there. You can also put green herbs, like a sprig of rosemary or thyme, in between your layers. But like we said, meat and cheese are far from the only options. Here are some other ideas for your holiday celebrations.
Healthy Charcuterie Boards
We know that “healthy food” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas. But if you’re trying to keep things on the lighter side as much as you can, your charcuterie board can reflect this—without being boring.
Bagel Charcuterie Boards
If you’ve got a crowd coming over early Christmas Day, focus your brunch charcuterie board on bagels. 
Customized Gift Boards
Not sure what to bring to that holiday party, or to give as a gift? If you’re tired of regular old wine, a charcuterie board makes an amazing housewarming or host gift.
‘Tis the season for Charcuterie!
Pro tip: You can always refer to Charity Leaf’s Instagram page for some cool inspo!

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