Customizing your Mother's Day charcuterie board in 2022

Customizing your Mother's Day charcuterie board in 2022

Customizing your Mother's Day charcuterie board in 2022


Are you planning on surprising your mom on mother’s day with a Charcuterie board? We got you covered. Here, we have a few ideas for your special Charcuterie board with your mom.

Our moms do so much for us and expect nothing in return. No matter how much bucks you spend on buying her a gift; nothing can make her happy as much as spending time with you.

With mother's day approaching, here is where a charcuterie board comes to our rescue. I'm sure your mom loves Cheese as much as we all do. I mean, who doesn't love Cheese, right? Although you can cook many dishes with Cheese, they do take a lot of time and energy. So, of course, we need a quick fix that is simple yet something your mom would love.


Place all of her favorite cheeses on a wooden board like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda, Feta, Parmesan, and everything else that you both like.

Another cool item to have is strawberry with cream cheese with some melted dark chocolate by the side. I know this makes you drool. If your mom loves berries, don't forget to place all her favourite berries on the charcuterie board.

One more combination that I personally love and would suggest for you to have is Watermelon and Feta. Just so yum. You can play around with Cheese and add whatever it is that your mom loves.

Now, it's time for the bread. First, arrange all of her favorite bread on the board. I prefer focaccia and garlic bread with Cheese over normal slices of bread.You can also add bruschettas along with a few Pretzels by the side of cream cheese.

Another fun way to amp up your charcuterie board is by keeping a cheese fondue by the side along with chocolate fondue, and I'm sure your mom would love it and everyone for that matter.


How can I not mention crackers when talking about charcuterie boards? And if your mom is a healthy food junkie and a fitness freak, you go ahead and add those greens and cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. She will enjoy it and will definitely permit you for a sleepover at your friend's.

If you ask me what I would add to my charcuterie board, its crackers, watermelon and feta with some fresh mint, cheese fondue for sure, with a cranberry mojito by the side. I will eat them happily at peace.


Let us know your plans for Mother's Day. 

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