Build a Customised Charcuterie Board for Father’s Day

Build a Customised Charcuterie Board for Father’s Day
This June 19 on Father's Day we all want to show some love and appreciation to our fathers. How about a Charcuterie board? It will be a perfect treat for your dad and your family.🤩
Customise the board with all your dad’s favourites and make it the way he likes. Nothing else will be more special for him when he will realise how well you know him and thought about him. Add on to this, there’s a common belief that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Then why not try this. 
Possibilities are endless with your charcuterie board. Get as creative as you can with this special fathers day gift to show gratitude towards your dad and thank him for all of his time, commitment and sacrifices he made for you.💜
Charcuterie boards traditionally include 3-4 meats and cheeses. You can place as many meats for your dad on board as you like. Some of them may include bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, salami, soppressata, prosciutto and everything that comes to your mind and your dad likes. 
Now it’s time to pair meat with some cheeses. Who doesn’t like cheese? 🍖🧀 
Add all the cheeses that your dad likes on the board without any worries. Your dad might like Mozzarella, Who doesn’t, or maybe some cheddar or brie or gouda or maybe something homemade by your hands. Add whatever you like.❤️
Don't forget to customize the board with your Dad's appetite. 
Add some crunch to the board with some crackers and nuts. Why not some dried fruits, olives, fresh vegetables and fruits, granola, pickled veggies or pickles for some acid.
Add everything and anything you like for your dad to make him feel special. 
Some ideas for you
Write DAD or LOVE U DAD on board.
Decorate the board with ribbons of your dad's favourite colour.
Add some healthy options like grilled meat, beer or red wine.
Add favourite beverages of your dad like juices, cocktails or mojitos.

What about a dessert charcuterie board with all your dad’s favourite sweet delicacies. 
If not this, then what do you say about a themed board. 
    Boards will be easy to make when you have some inspiration, do check Charity Leaf’s Instagram page for some amazing ideas. 
    Also,  don’t forget to check our store for some amazing alternatives for plastic boards.✨

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